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 Topic umum : Global Economic Crisis deepens...

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Topic Created : 06.Oct.2008 13:37    View : 11993    


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The economic crisis in the US seems to have deepened in recent weeks and has no bottom in sight. And the crisis seems to leapfrog over the Atlantic to Europe this weekend.
Market watchers think it will also hopscotch in the other direction to the Pacific soon, if not already arrived. Do you think you will be affected? Your thoughts?

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# 1 - Reply : 06.Oct.2008 14:55

Adrian Yang

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Semoga badai cepat berlalu!!!

# 2 - Reply : 10.Oct.2008 11:05


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Most investors believe it will get worse before it gets better.
Look at the Asian markets:

Keep your fingers crossed.
Rupiah is getting hammered too.
Time to invest is at the rebound!

# 3 - Reply : 10.Oct.2008 11:36


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# 4 - Reply : 30.Oct.2008 06:02


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As we all know there are always economic opportunities in hard times. A case in point: many people got super wealthy after 1929 depression. So it is not "loom and gloom", there are plenty of opportunities out there to do well financially. Fed lowered benchmark rate by a half-point to 1% as it attempts to fight off the ongoing crisis in the credit markets.

Dear Kenz and Adrian,
Has the "perception" of people (around where you are) about the economy worsen since Oct 6? I suspect people in the US are still waiting after Nov 4. Remember The US presidential election? By Nov 6, the perception in the US may just turn a bit. Let's see what happens next...

# 5 - Reply : 30.Oct.2008 07:05

jhony charles

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Economic crisis affected our agriculture sector especially palm oil price decrease about 75% and rubber price decrease about 50%. The economic crisis was happened due to supreme market in the United Stated in 2006 and recently affected Wall Street. Because of the situation, FIG and Lehman brothers are two loan companies for housing went to bankruptcy. Even though the federal government bailout about $700 million, its still no effect for the Wall Street to recover.

I have a lot of information about this economic crisis, if u guys want to know about it deeply, please ask me.

It’s a good topic. Thank you.

# 6 - Reply : 30.Oct.2008 09:31

alex santoso

Total post : 78

Most people say it's going to be worse, but some people say there are a lot of economic opportunities in this crisis. I prefer the latter point of view.

Hopefully, some of us can catch the good side of this and share with us.

# 7 - Reply : 30.Oct.2008 11:04

jhony charles

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this the most appropriate website that I always use for extra knowledge.(The Wall Street Journal)

# 8 - Reply : 30.Oct.2008 12:26

Agnes C

Total post : 346

Thank's Ciok... good Share.

# 9 - Reply : 16.Jan.2009 09:19


Total post : 79

Sorry..kalau ini masih kepanjangan untuk teman2 kita. Ini udah saya kompress, Kalau di bandingkan tulisan asli saya. Dipakai untuk discussion dengan my cycles of friends and colleagues; bankers, professionals, business partners & clients, professors and students.

For years especially the last 2 decades or so, many experts (some self appointed ) believe that the free market economy has prevailed in the quest of performance based supremacy. With the collapse of Soviet Union in the 80’s , then went along the disappearance of the archrival in economic theory, i.e. the centrally planned and controlled economy. So the west had been feeling so confident and invincible about their creation. Then come along the Socialism with Chinese Characteristics 具有中國特色的社會主義 which naturally has become the assumed archrival. The Chinese economy is not immune to the crisis and there are many signs of vulnerability, but it appears to fare better in short term.

Today with so many humongous US companies such as AGI, Bank of America, Citibank and gazillion of home owners are in deep trouble and do not seem to have any way out. The government regulatory and oversight agencies (such as SEC, GAO, FDIC, bla bla bla) have been nothing but the puppets of the powerful few. In other words, the supposed upright government agencies are too decadent and made out of futile bunch.

Now here are my suggestive questions:

Is the free capitalistic/market economy showing its flaws and/or decadence?
If the above question is negative, then
Are the humongous US companies too big to function and therefore coming to their demise?
So naturally the follow up question …”is there a size limit to a company for each sector of industry?”

Can the US be utilizing the tighter control which would emulate 具有中國特色的社會主義? Who is to say.
I suspect even if the US is to do so, we will be told something else. With something like so and so State has practice this control approach for a long time. Hahaha.

# 10 - Reply : 16.Jan.2009 12:51

Total post : 828

pusing ni bacanya..
gw ga ngerti inggris bro.
kalo bisa penjelasan indo..

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