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 Topic umum : Getting to Bagan via Port Dickson

Moderator : MonMonMeery Ciangdratina

Topic Created : 31.Mar.2009 19:07    View : 10250    


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Sorry guys, my knowledge of bahasa indonesian is very very limited, so i have to write in english.

My mother wishes to go back to Bagan for 56 this year. Usually, we reach Bagan from Dumai via Batam/Malacca.

An entry from wikipedia wrote that from 2008, we are able to get to Bagan from Port Dickson. Went to the company's website to check it out and the website looks outdated.

Can any Baganese(?) confirm that this service still operates today?

Thanks a million!

ctstalin, Singapore

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# 1 - Reply : 31.Mar.2009 21:39


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Gak pernah lwt port dickson..
coba cek disini, mgkn bs membantu

# 2 - Reply : 01.Apr.2009 00:53


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hi ctstalin, how are you? i'm sorry has to tell u that the ferry route between port dickson and bagan was no longer in service for a quite long time.

But there is a ferry route from port klang direct to bagan. Unfortunately this ferry service is not reliable of its schedule due small number of passengers who boarding, you need to ask their operator for more detail schedules. I'm so sorry that i don't have their contact number at the moment, but i can help you look out for their contact.

additional information, port klang is located at district of Klang (15 minute from downtown of Klang), it is also the busiest port of malaysia. it could take an hour road trip from KL.

By the way, glad to see you here.. would you mind tell us little bit story about your mom, how and when did she left bagan to singapore. i believe many visitor here will interested to hear your story.

Regards, CK

# 3 - Reply : 01.Apr.2009 19:17


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Thanks! I'm real fine!

Luckily I asked before heading down to port dickson. I won't want to go there to find out that this service is no longer operating.

Oh, so there MAY be an alternative route from klang? Can't seem to find out anything from google. Would camp here for their contacts if you managed to find out

So right now the confirmed ways to go bagan is from dumai, medan and pekanbaru? Which requires an awful amount of time in a car....

Well, i'm 21 this year, so my mum should be in singapore for longer than that. Heard that she came as a tourist and met my father, and well the story just followed... She's now holding a singapore passport, but still an indonesian in heart.

The last time we went bagan was 2 years ago for chinese new year. That was my first ever CNY spent outside of singapore and i really loved the atmosphere. At least u guys have real firecrackers. :p Missed bagan and its been a very long time since i went to panipahan...

Any more questions and i would be more than happy to answer.


Sorry bro, my knowledge of bahasa is absolutely horrendous, so i have no idea what the thread was talking about.

Nice meeting u guys here!!!

*Camps here for more updates*

Regards, ctstalin

# 4 - Reply : 02.Apr.2009 23:24


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hi csstalin, i got these numbers for you. +60126640361, +60126644173, +60162424479. the ferry service called MV Rasa Rindu.

the travel which required the most amount of road hours is via medan (>9hour), followed by Pekan Baru (6 hour), and dumai 2.5 hour. i've been in all these roads before.. and via klang will be my favorite choice, because lived there before,, and love to eat bah kut teh.

anyway, when is your next trip to bagan? if it is chinese new year or go cap lak (5th month, 16t day of lunar calendar), be my guest, i can show u around, and if we have luck, we can join anton's activities (this website's founder), i'm sure he will so welcome you. i hope he will come back to bagan every chinese new year. don't forget to tell your mom about go cap lak festival, i'm sure she will like it.

fyi, go cap lak is anniversary of bagansiapiapi, this is the date of the first chinese immigrant found this little fish town and landed here. peoples who grown up or live at this town before, will go back to this town for give thanking and praying to Goddess

if u have more question to ask, we will so welcome you here and help you. however, you can also write chinese if its your preference, many people here can read chinese.


# 5 - Reply : 03.Apr.2009 15:40


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Hi csstalin, the most simple route to bagansiapiapi : Singapore - Pekanbaru - Bagan.
From Singopore you can take a plane to PekanBaru (by Garuda Indonesia or Air Asia), I suggest Air Asia because the flight scedule before afternoon.
From Pekanbaru to Bagan by car (there are many travel agent such as Alisan, MTV, CMM +62 761 7070693, kopsi, etc), the car scedule usually at 10 AM, 12AM, 02 PM or 04 PM.

WELLCOME TO BAGAN AT "五 月 十六 日" 08th june 2009.

# 6 - Reply : 03.Apr.2009 21:45


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Thanks for the numbers, i'll give them a call when i confirm when i'll be going. By the way, are those numbers handphone or their office number?

I tried the bagan-medan route before and i'm sure i wont want to try it again. Just too long for me... Given a choice, i'd like to try going from klang, 只要從新加坡往北走再搭船就到了.

我應該是會去今年的go cap lak. 我媽前幾天有跟我提過. 未來的四年應該沒有機會再去bagan了, 因為大學八月就開始上課了.

Thanks for inviting me as your guest, i'll be more than happy to oblige! 請問你本身現在是居住在bagan嗎? 還是你去了更大的城市工作讀書呢? 兩年前回去的時候發現很多我小時後認識的朋友都這麼做了.

If i were to go bagan, i'll be staying at my 舅舅 house. Its somewhere in Jln Sedar

I have never tried the pekanbaru route before, but 6 hours or ride in a car.... tak boleh tahan lah But well, i'm not eliminating the possibility coming from that route....provided AirAsia does fly from singapore to pekanbaru.

# 7 - Reply : 04.Apr.2009 00:11

Anton Hung

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welcome bro ctstalin to bagan..

# 8 - Reply : 12.Apr.2009 20:15


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Hi Anton!

UPZ my post

# 9 - Reply : 22.Apr.2014 00:35

Margaret Chan

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Is BON Forum still working? I am an anthropologist from Singapore who would like to come to Bagan in 2105 for the Bakar Tongkang ritual.

# 10 - Reply : 03.May.2014 12:27


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Hi Margaret,
Feel free to ask, and we will see how we can assist.
Lately, not many time spent on this web as everyone is probably busy. Anyway, look forward to hear from you again

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